May 1, 2017

I've been listening to the Writing Excuses podcast lately. I'm listening to the first eleven seasons on a random shuffle.

On a side note, random shuffle sucks. I have several collections of stuff, stored on different flash drives, and I shuffle the MP3s a lot of the time. One is my that has over fourteen Gigabytes of MP3s. On shuffle, I seem to hear the same songs over and over, while some tracks never seem to come up. Because new content is being added o this specific collection, I often wipe the flash drive and reburn the songs to get them in alphabetical order (Alpine kinda sucks in this resort, too). At that point, the shuffling changes, and I hear different songs, but then those tend to repeat. I'm experiencing the same thing with my Writing Excuses episode shuffle--the same episodes seem to keep coming up over and over. I'm not adding new content, so the repeats are consistent.

But I digress. The hosts, Brandon, Mary, Howard, and Dan, are fun to listen to and their wisdom comes quickly as quickly as their banter. I've already learned most of what they talk about--I've been writing for almost twenty years. However, sometimes their ramblings are quite enlightening. And then there's the "Oh, wow!" moment where my thinking completely changes and I learn something so groundbreaking, it changes the way I write or the way I think about writing.

It's these WOW moments that are invigorating my desire to write more and to write better. I guess that's one of the main reasons Writing Excuses exists--to motivate us writers and inspire us writers. I don't know if this is their stated mission, but it's working for me.

Thanks. Writing Excuses!

- Brennan Harvey